Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Colby College

A female collegiate athlete holds her starting blocks on the track at Colby College.

Last month we had the privilege of collaborating with Colby College creating a few images intended for editorial and advertising purposes. It was the first time for us creating images for this institution and must say that we had a great time doing so. We worked closely to Barbara Walls, Director of Creative Services, who art directed the shoot. We loved collaborating with Barbara, the communication we developed would've given the impression we had worked together in many previous occasions. She knew exactly what she was after and was so good at communicating this to us so we could interpret her creative vision while allowing us to run with it. We really appreciate clients with that kind of vision and hope to work in many more projects with Colby in the future.

I wish I could share with you more images from the shoot but all in its due time. The image you see above is actually an outtake from the shoot. After we got what the client wanted I decided to shoot a few more frames taking advantage of our subject's willingness to participate.

I am very happy with the image and hope you like it too. Look forward to sharing more of the work we created for Colby College in a future post.


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