Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Requiem Project" Website Update

The Requiem Project consists of a series of images using Mozart's Requiem as a source of inspiration. It is an introspective interpretation based on the music and lyrics of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's final piece. Each image corresponds to and is named after a specific movement on the composition. Click here to listen to the complete version in D minor on Youtube.

"Beautiful Faces of Cancer" - Website Update

"Beautiful Faces of Cancer" was a project intended to raise awareness about how life with cancer affects all of us. It is a celebration of those who chose not to be governed by this illness. Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed. It is true that cancer leaves an indelible mark and changes people's outlook on life in a major way. The "Beautiful Faces of Caner" is a conduit for people to tell their story. It is a  compilation of images and voice recordings of individuals who decided to let the rest of us into their lives. Maybe someday, with their help we'll be better able to understand this disease and what it does to people physically and emotionally.

Photographer Irvin Serrano was the mind behind the "Beautiful Faces of Cancer". It was a project that came to life after a close friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then, Irvin has been in awe of the great inner strength of the people he has met who have stood up to this relentless disease. The worst can have a way of bringing out the best in some of us.This is what this project was all about, showing through images what the beautiful faces of cancer look like.

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