Friday, June 6, 2014

Old Port Magazine Premiere Issue

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I have been a regular contributor to Maine Home & Design Magazine and also have contributed to Maine Magazine. Well, the creative team over at the Maine Media Collective, publishers of these two fine publications have done it again. This time with the launch of Old Port Magazine, a publication dedicated to showcase all the amazing things Portland, Maine has to offer.

Old Port Magazines editors trusted me with the task of creating an image for the cover of the premiere issue. The image for the cover had to be shot in a horizontal orientation so the image could wrap around from front to back cover, something that I found particularly exciting.  I was also asked to contribute in creating images for a hotel feature. The focus would be on some of the best hotels Portland has to offer, including three hotels that are scheduled to open their doors soon.

Aside from some of the great locations we also enjoyed photographing four of the hotel developers. We shot the image on location in South Portland with the Old Port in the background and couldn't have been happier with the results.

To commemorate the launch of the premiere issue of Old Port Magazine we will be giving away a 27x17 inch print printed on metallic paper. To be entered in the drawing all you have to do is "like" the Irvin Serrano Photography Facebook page. The drawing will be on Friday June 13th. So head over to our page and you may see this image hanging on your wall.

We look forward to creating more content for this magazine and continue collaborating with the great team behind it. Special thanks to Art Director Heidi Kirn who put so much of her creative talents to work in not only designing the cover but conceptualizing the direction of the visual content over several phone calls.

A view of the Portland, Maine city skyline from across Casco Bay at dusk.
Here is the cover.
Portland Maine's city skyline sparkles over Casco Bay at dusk.
This is the full frame image which includes what would be the front and back cover.
The exterior of th Hyatt Place Hotel in Portland Maine's Old Port District featured in a spread in Old Port Magazine.
The opening spread for the hotel feature.
Four business men, hotel developers, stand in front of Casco Bay and the city of Portland's skyline at dusk.
Portrait of hotel developers.

The exterior of the Hilton Garden Inn in Portland Maine at dusk.
The Hilton Garden Inn, Portland, ME.
A woman taking a photograph out the windows at Top of the East bar, located on the top floor of the Westin and overlooking the city of Portland, Maine.
The bar at the Westin has some of the best views overlooking Portland,ME.
A car pulls up for valet in front of the Westin hotel in downtown Portland, Maine.
A detail shot of the Hyatt Place in downtown Portland, Maine.
A detail from the new Hyatt Hotel.

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