Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nest Architecture + Design

In my line of work we get to visit many great spaces while photographing architecture. But it is not often that we get to have a look at an architect's personal residence. This fall we had just that opportunity while photographing the home of Architect Darren Commerford of Nest Architecture + Design. It was great to see him apply his design sensibilities without the constraints of satisfying anyone's needs and preferences other than his own. We loved the home and the elements Darren incorporated into the design. The large window in the living room, coupled with a Manu Nest hanging chair made it the perfect spot to spend some leisurely time reading or enjoying the evening light.

We really enjoyed collaborating with Darren and look forward to seeing future projects he may have in store for us.

Exterior of Darren Commerford's, a south portland architect, funky, functional and modern dream home.
Residential Interior of kitchen and hallway designed by Darren Commerford in South Portland, Maine shot for DownEast Magazine.
An open concept, hardwood floors and countertops make up the space in the kitchen and living room of architect Darren Commerford's dream home in South Portland, Maine.
Clean lines, wood floors, contemporary furniture and an open concept layout enhance the feel of modernity in the home built by Darren Commerford
Teal colored wood stairs lead down to the first floor in architect Darren Commerford's mod home in South Portland, Maine.
Black accent chair sits in the corner of contemporary home built by Darren Commerford, an architect and owner of Nest + Design Architectural firm in South Portland, Maine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Port Magazine - Winter Cover

Since its launch this year, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Old Port Magazine in creating their cover images. From the beginning we have created images that wrap around from front to back cover which makes the creative process that much more interesting to us since we have to make sure everything will layout as expected. It provides the opportunity to work on two canvases in one if you will. Even-though we are photographing both covers in a single frame we have to make sure that the front and back cover work well almost as independent images. So much fun!

A young couple strolls down Wharf Street hand in hand in front of Portland, Maine's Jame's Beard award winning restaurant Central Provisions at dusk.

Pedestrians walking Wharf Street in the Old Port district of Portland, Maine at dusk.
This is the full frame image.

I had a great time shooting and would like to thank Jen DeRose Managing Editor of Old Port Magazine for art directing the shoot. I was also happy that we were able to include Central Provisions one of my new favorite restaurants in the cover image and Vignola on the back cover, not to mention one of my favorite streets in the Old Port.

You can find a copy of Old Port Magazine in newsstands now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cover - The Sunday River Issue

This year has been a great year in terms of the editorial work we have had published. Most of all because we have been fortunate enough to make it into several covers. Today I want to share with you the cover of The Sunday River Issue that we shot for Maine Home + Design Magazine. You can find it on the newsstand through the month of November. We also collaborated with Janice Dunwoody who did the styling for the shoot. This residence had some great views that would make any avid skier want to live there. Hope you enjoy the images.

A middle aged couple sets off on cross country skiis for the Mahoosuc Mountain trails, along with their Australian shephard, from their home in Newry, Maine.

A residential bedroom filled with warmth and accented with reds and oranges overlooks the ski trails in the mountain region of Newry, Maine.

American and Corinthian granite, crafted by Keystone Masonry in Maine, brings the natural elements of the surrounding woods and moutains indoors.

The long galley kitchen, designed Bethel Kitchen Designs, in a ski home in Maine overlooks a stretch of Grafton Notch, with the slope of Puzzle Mountain on the western side.

The living room, featuring a granite slab fireplace and a bird's eye maple mantel, utilizes floor to ceiling windows to accent the stunning view of Sunday River and the ski slopes.

Faux fur accent chair sits near large windows overlooking the mountains in Newry, Maine.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Augusta Mall

This year we had one of our favorite and most loyal clients come to us to photograph one of their retail properties. Although I am always grateful with all our clients for trusting us with their photography, this company has a special place in my heart. Back when I first moved to Maine my then wife and I decided to adopt a child. At first we were looking to adopt one child but the opportunity presented itself to adopt a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. As most of you are aware, adopting can often be expensive. Well, this client started collaborating with us that year and unknowingly got us closer to make the adoption a reality through the work they gave me. For that I will alsways be grateful.

The shoot took place at the Augusta Mall. This is about the fourth time we shoot at the mall although this time the client wanted to take a different approach. They decided they wanted to incorporate models in the shoot to play the role of shoppers. Using real shoppers was not an option due to the use intended for the images and needed the people in the images to be willing to sign a model release.

Our client reached out to Heather Coutts of Clemente Productions to assist with the production aspect of the shoot involving finding models, props and styling. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Heather who did a superb job in finding us the talent we were looking for.

I hope we have another opportunity to collaborate with Heather and our client in photographing other of their properties throughout New England in the near future.

Pedestrians at the Augusta Mall shop national retail stores such as Old Navy and Ulta.
A family walks out of the LongHorn Steakhouse, developed by WS Development, holding shopping bags from the stores at the Augusta Mall.
A young mother and her daughter pass by American Eagle Outfitters as they shop an open air strip mall in Augusta, Maine.

Two children run hand in hand pass other shoppers at the Augusta Mall in Maine.

Shoppers leaving and entering retail shops at the Augusta Mall in Maine.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Behind The Lens - Down East Magazine

Last month we had the fortune of collaborating with Down East Magazine in creating images for their Maine-Made Gift Guide that will hit the stands on November 25th. We had a great time during the two day photo-shoot working along side Visuals Editor Mark Fleming, Digital Editor Laura Serino, Stylist Emily Hricko of Emily Elizabeth Events and of course my trusted assistant Chris.

The folks at Down East were kind enough to share with us the video from the shoot and I wanted to share it with you. The video was shot by Kevin Sennett who I thought did a great job and was great to have on set as well.

Keep an eye out for the December issue where you will find great gift ideas all made here in the great state of Maine.

Friday, November 7, 2014

John Bisbee for American Craft Magazine.

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph John Bisbee who is one of my favorite Maine based artists. The shoot just got published and I am now able to share it here with you. We collaborated on this project with American Craft Magazine, published by the American Craft Council and it was a blast. The shoot took place at the Brunswick Mill where John has his studio. I had the opportunity to see him at work and experience a bit of what happens there everyday. John and his team are all great people and the sense that there was always something creative going on was palpable. Within the studio space we saw a lot of John's work as well as some of his girlfriends and apprentices work.

It was really interesting to see the work that John was excited about, for me it was all exciting since it was the first time I saw some of it. It was interesting to observe the evolution from one piece to another. Made me reflect on the way some of my work may relate to each other and on my own evolution as an image-maker.

I want to thank John and his team for collaborating with us and making it such a memorable experience.

John Bisbee, an american sculptor, stands in his Brunswick Maine studio among his "Only nails, Always differnt" scupltures.

A single nail twisted and flattened by sculptor John Bisbee as a token of appreciation to Irvin Serrano Photography.
A small gift John made for me while I was photographing him at work.

Artist John Bisbee rolls one of his sculptures made from nails across his studio in Brunswick, Maine.

A dog lays in front of scupltures made entirely of nails and created by John Bisbee at his studio in Brunswick Maine.

A close up detail of the nails making up one of John Bisbee's sculptures.

His dog looks on as John Bisbee hangs a sculpture on the wall in his Brunswick studio in Maine.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Smithsonian Magazine

Ok, so today I want to share with you one of the most fun and fascinating assignments I have done this year. On the stands this November you can find an image we created for Smithsonian Magazine. The assignment was to create a composite image of two scientists who work on brain research at MIT. The art director wanted us to craft an image that depicted the scientists manipulating a brain and pretty much gave us free rein on what we could produce, so we decided to have some fun with it.

A composite images of two scientists, Dr. Xu and Steve Ramirez, reach into and manipulating a glowing virtual brain .
This is the original image we submitted.

Dr. Xu and doctoral student Steve Ramirez have been conducting research related to memory. It almost seems like something from a science fiction movie. Their research focuses on implanting memories that are not there. Scary right? But the motivation driving these scientists is benign. As the magazine states, "Their research has launched a new era in memory research and can someday lead to new treatments for medical and psychiatric afflictions such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer's disease".

They conducted tests on mice that showed the mice reacting to situations in a way they would have if they had lived the experience before. They placed a mouse in a box and instead of sniffing around as it normally would, the mouse froze in terror, recalling the experience of receiving a foot shock in the same box. The thing is, the memory was fictitious; the mouse had never received an electric shock in the box before. Rather, it was reacting to a false memory implanted by the scientists. Not only were they able to identify the brain cells involved but they could also manipulate those cells in order to create a whole new fictitious memory. There are certainly a lot of ethical questions when it comes to this kind of scientific advancement. You can read more about it in the November issue of Smithsonian Magazine.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Tearsheet from the Smithsonian Magazine featuring the composite image, created by Irvin Serrano Photography, representing scientest studying and working with the human brain and memory loss.
Here is how it ran in the Magazine.
A black and white portrait of two scientists, Dr. Xu and Steve Ramirez, in lab coats.
Dr. Xu (right) Steve Ramirez (left)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bowley Builders

It has been such a great Summer and Fall season for us that we have not been able to post any of our recent work here. We have also had to wait until some of our recent exciting assignments have gone to print in order to share them here with you. Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks as we begin to share some new images with you.

This year we photographed a couple great projects for one of our favorite clients Bowley Builders. We also collaborated with Graham Architects on this great project. Have a look at this coastal estate that showcases Bowley Builders great attention to detail.
Which is your favorite feature in this home?

Exterior of oceanview home lit up at dusk in coastal Maine.
Exterior of the back of an oceanview home lit up at dusk in coastal Maine.
Teal accents fill the living room at an elegant oceanview home built by Bowley Builders.

Hardwood floors and built in shelving follow the curve of a hallway in a residential oceanview home built by Bowley Builders in Maine.

The kitchen design of an oceanview home built by Bowley Builders is accented with teal tile and chairs.
Residential interior of a bedroom in the oceanview home builty by Bowley Builders.
Exterior of an elegant oceanview home lit up at dusk in coastal Maine and built by Bowley Builders.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Down East Magazine 60th Anniversary Issue Cover

This has been such a great summer for us here at Irvin Serrano Photography. One of the things that has made it special is that after seven years of living in Maine, we got our first cover on Down East Magazine. You can see our image on the cover of the 60th Anniversary Issue on newsstands through August.

I shot this image of The Bubbles in Mount Desert Island while touring the park with some close friends of mine visiting from away. In that way it holds a special meaning to me as a reminder of a great time spent with a childhood friend.

In this issue you will also find a piece titled "Making Tracks" about the state of cycling in Maine, written by my talented writer friend Joshua Bodwell. If you have not had a chance to visit Mount Desert Island yet, I encourage you to do so. It is a place you won't easily forget.

The cover of Down East Magazine's 60th anniversary issue featuring 60 most beautiful places and photograph by Irvin Serrano Photography.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maine Home & Design Magazine Cover Feature

I am so excited to share with you the images from Maine Home & Design Magazine's August cover feature.  We spent two days photographing in Southport, Maine the beautiful work of a great team led by the Knickerbocker Group.

This home was impressive in many ways, the size of the residence, its design, location and the materials used in it were amazing. Above all, what was evident was that the Knickerbocker group and other partners such as Urban Dwellings who collaborated in the Interior design and JC Stone just to name a few, took great pride in their creation. The project showcased superb craftsmanship unrivaled by many of the projects we have visited.

We are very happy with the images we created and hope you like them as much as we do. If you live in Maine, pick up a copy and have a look at the great layout created by MHD's Art Director Heidi Kirn. As always, It was great collaborating with the team at MHD on this feature.

A view of an outdoor living room, with towering stone fireplace, overlooking the ocean on a stone patio graces the cover of Maine Home and Design Magazine.

Shingle-style residential estate has mahogany accents, a vanishing edge swimming pool, a stone walled hot tub and sits on the rocky coastline of Maine overlooking the ocean.

A lit, rustic fireplace made of stone sits on a stone patio overlooking the ocean at a Southport estate in coastal Maine.

A bridge crosses a gap in the boulders as part of the hardscape design of an oceanview Southport Estate in Maine.

The front entry with a gambrel roof, Palladian style window and mahogany front door at a Southport estate in Maine.

View from below of curved, intricate molding, trim and paneling of a upstairs hallway, crafted by Tidewater Millwork, in a Southport estate in Maine.

One side of a double staircase shows curved paneling and a mahogany railing and volute designed by Knickerbocker group and executed by Tidewater Millwork.Detail view of the curve in the intricate molding, interior trim and paneling of a hallway, crafted by Tidewater Millwork, in a Southport estate in Maine.

A master bathroom in a Southport Estate in coastal Maine features glass shower, marble flooring and

A master bathroom in a Southport Estate in coastal Maine features european style cabinets, designed by Urban Dwellings, and crema marfil marble.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Down East Magazine Drive-in Behind the scenes

Last month we had the pleasure of collaborating with Down East Magazine to create an image for their Best of Maine issue. We teamed up with Down East's visuals Editor Mark Fleming who came to us with the concept for the shoot. Mark is a great photographer in his own right, so it was great to have him on set art directing since he didn't only know what he wanted visually but also understood what it took to achieve it.

I wanted to share a short behind the scenes video of the drive-in shoot. We were hoping to have clear skies but this being Maine, we weren't that lucky. So we had to improvise and make it happen regardless of the weather. At the end of the day, we were happy with the results rain and all.

I also want to thank The Saco Drive-in for allowing us access, Motorland Vintage America for providing the vintage car and our models Emily and Mike for their help. The video was shot by Kevin Sennett. We look forward to collaborating on future projects with Mark and the crew we had that day at the shoot.

Hope you enjoy the image!
A couple snuggles together in a vintage red car at the drive in movie theater in Saco, Maine.

Peaks Island Cover

We have had a great summer so far, so much going on. First and foremost, I am so excited to share that I got married in July. On the work front we have been really busy and unable to post as much as we wanted to. So here I will share the June Cover of Maine Home and Design Magazine that we photographed, along with other images from the feature. I have been wanting to share this one for a while.

Keep your eyes open for other posts where we will share other covers we have shot this summer, along with work created for a couple national publications which I cant disclose just yet.
Happy summer to everyone!

Residential home with galley style kitchen on Peaks Island, Maine is featured in Maine Home and Design Magazine and shot by Irvin Serrano Photography.
A galley style kitchen design, in a home on Peaks Island, with Eero Saarinen chairs, Angela Adams fabric, Indisco cabinetry and marble by Blue Rock industries.
Really loved this kitchen and it curved ceiling.
Exterior of a residential home with a red door on Peaks Island in Maine.
A woman walks her dog in front of a renovated home with a red door on Peaks Island in coastal Maine.
A library featuring a Benjamin Moore Florentine Blue accent wall, an Angela Adams carpet and artwork by Diego Ortiz Mugica.
A living room, features the Arco Lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni adn chairs by Alvar Aalto, overlooks Casco Bay and the Portland peninsula
Such an awesome view of Porland, ME from the living room.
Greenwell designed custom shadow boxes, a Lalique bowl, photographs by Leah Magal, and carved wooden feathers by Gary Yoder adorn a hallway in a residential home in Maine.
The Arco Lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 drapes over a chair in a home on Peaks Island near Portland, Maine.
An architect's drafting table sits in a home office overlooking the Casco Bay on Peaks Island, Maine.

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