Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nest Architecture + Design

In my line of work we get to visit many great spaces while photographing architecture. But it is not often that we get to have a look at an architect's personal residence. This fall we had just that opportunity while photographing the home of Architect Darren Commerford of Nest Architecture + Design. It was great to see him apply his design sensibilities without the constraints of satisfying anyone's needs and preferences other than his own. We loved the home and the elements Darren incorporated into the design. The large window in the living room, coupled with a Manu Nest hanging chair made it the perfect spot to spend some leisurely time reading or enjoying the evening light.

We really enjoyed collaborating with Darren and look forward to seeing future projects he may have in store for us.

Exterior of Darren Commerford's, a south portland architect, funky, functional and modern dream home.
Residential Interior of kitchen and hallway designed by Darren Commerford in South Portland, Maine shot for DownEast Magazine.
An open concept, hardwood floors and countertops make up the space in the kitchen and living room of architect Darren Commerford's dream home in South Portland, Maine.
Clean lines, wood floors, contemporary furniture and an open concept layout enhance the feel of modernity in the home built by Darren Commerford
Teal colored wood stairs lead down to the first floor in architect Darren Commerford's mod home in South Portland, Maine.
Black accent chair sits in the corner of contemporary home built by Darren Commerford, an architect and owner of Nest + Design Architectural firm in South Portland, Maine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Old Port Magazine - Winter Cover

Since its launch this year, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Old Port Magazine in creating their cover images. From the beginning we have created images that wrap around from front to back cover which makes the creative process that much more interesting to us since we have to make sure everything will layout as expected. It provides the opportunity to work on two canvases in one if you will. Even-though we are photographing both covers in a single frame we have to make sure that the front and back cover work well almost as independent images. So much fun!

A young couple strolls down Wharf Street hand in hand in front of Portland, Maine's Jame's Beard award winning restaurant Central Provisions at dusk.

Pedestrians walking Wharf Street in the Old Port district of Portland, Maine at dusk.
This is the full frame image.

I had a great time shooting and would like to thank Jen DeRose Managing Editor of Old Port Magazine for art directing the shoot. I was also happy that we were able to include Central Provisions one of my new favorite restaurants in the cover image and Vignola on the back cover, not to mention one of my favorite streets in the Old Port.

You can find a copy of Old Port Magazine in newsstands now.

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