Friday, November 7, 2014

John Bisbee for American Craft Magazine.

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph John Bisbee who is one of my favorite Maine based artists. The shoot just got published and I am now able to share it here with you. We collaborated on this project with American Craft Magazine, published by the American Craft Council and it was a blast. The shoot took place at the Brunswick Mill where John has his studio. I had the opportunity to see him at work and experience a bit of what happens there everyday. John and his team are all great people and the sense that there was always something creative going on was palpable. Within the studio space we saw a lot of John's work as well as some of his girlfriends and apprentices work.

It was really interesting to see the work that John was excited about, for me it was all exciting since it was the first time I saw some of it. It was interesting to observe the evolution from one piece to another. Made me reflect on the way some of my work may relate to each other and on my own evolution as an image-maker.

I want to thank John and his team for collaborating with us and making it such a memorable experience.

John Bisbee, an american sculptor, stands in his Brunswick Maine studio among his "Only nails, Always differnt" scupltures.

A single nail twisted and flattened by sculptor John Bisbee as a token of appreciation to Irvin Serrano Photography.
A small gift John made for me while I was photographing him at work.

Artist John Bisbee rolls one of his sculptures made from nails across his studio in Brunswick, Maine.

A dog lays in front of scupltures made entirely of nails and created by John Bisbee at his studio in Brunswick Maine.

A close up detail of the nails making up one of John Bisbee's sculptures.

His dog looks on as John Bisbee hangs a sculpture on the wall in his Brunswick studio in Maine.

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